I will start with this: I love photography more than the average bear. You should see my rather large collection of magazines I’ve saved throughout my life. Piled high only because I can’t stand to part with certain images in them...Vogue’s for days! The good news is that I directed myself away from magazine collecting, and toward a career in photography. Phew! After receiving a BFA in Fine Art Photography and 10 years of shooting, I now get to tell stories and create authentic photographs that document all the beautiful and stellar seconds that can otherwise slip away while we’re busy living them. Lucky me, right!

Know this: I loath having my picture taken. I do. I will walk distances to avoid it. This objection is why I’m best behind my camera, and why I will be your best friend while you are in front of it. I will guide you to your best angles, attempt to make you laugh (knock-knock), and bring you into that good light all day long! I promise you won’t want to let me go, but… you’ll have to, otherwise my very adorable daughter would certainly miss me.

-Jenny Hole